Current Episode – CRH 68: Geeking Out

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CRH 68: Geeking Out

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.35.34 AMThis week Marc is rejoined by Eric (The Grown Up Children) & Stephen (Media Meltdown Podcast) to geek out over comic book movies, broadway musicals, Eric’s vocabulary and more.  Plus, Marc tells a story about what he used to do with his action figures and, of course, Favorite Things.

CRH 67: #HIMYM Final Forever

In the history of CRH, one topic has been discussed more than any other: How I met Your Mother.  On this episode Marc, Joanna, Mike, and special guest Eric Karnes say goodbye to one of the greatest shows ever, debate the finale episode, and pick their favorite moments of the series.

CRH 66: Oral Shenanigans


This week the A-Team returns as Marc, Joanna, and Mike discuss weather or not we should have designer babies, the ups and downs of changing jobs, why no one should ever live in Miami, and more! All that plus Favorite Things include Kennedy Space Center and Game of Thrones.

CRH 65: Cult Classics

This week Marc is joined by CRH regular, and host of The Grown Up Children, Eric Karnes as well as Stephen Operach, the host of Media Meltdown Podcast Network.  The buys discuss a recent article about Netflix’s HR policies which makes each of them want to switch careers, then move on to Entertainment Weekly’s “Top 25 Cult TV Shows”.  Did your favorite show make the cut?  Finally it’s Favorite Things which include the new South Park video game, HBO’s True Detectives, The WWE Network, and Marc’s new GPS.

CRH 64: The Golden 5-Way

On this episode, the gang discusses all the goings on in Sochi, and in the process create a new Olympic sport.  After that –  play along with our new game analyzing dumb criminals called “Drunk or Texan?”.  Finally, Marc gushes over Arrow and somehow that leads us to dirty sex acts featuring TV’s The Golden Girls.  Take the ride, it’s well worth it.


CRH 63: We Are Batman

On this very special episode, Marc chats with film maker Bret Culp about his new documentary “Legends of the Knight” which tells the stories of amazing individuals who overcame adversity after being inspired by Batman.

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CRH 62: Ghost Rape & Fart Jokes

This episode starts with our take on “Bridge-Gate”, followed by a rehash of House of Cards (now that Joanna & Mike have seen it) and Orange Is the New Black.  After that Joanna brings us a story of a “slightly” haunted house.  Finally it’s “Favorite Things” featuring Mike vs. Scratch-offs,  a Game of Thrones review like you’ve never heard before, and Joanna making avatars fart.

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CRH 61: Wedding Bells

fb98473648e6753b581a61b9a839a2bfThe gang is back together.  Joanna & Mike share their wedding plans, which Marc is WAY too excited about.  Then we move into TV Guide’s “Cheers & Jeers” of 2013 (we’re just as surprised as you are the TV Guide still exists), the finale of How I Met Your Mother, and the newest show featuring James Van Der Beek.  We Finish up, of course with Favorite Things which includes a new website for finding cheap services, Mike’s new found love of libraries, and Marc geeking out over House of Cards on Netflix.

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CRH 60: Darwined

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.35.34 AMJoanna and Mike are off again so Marc is joined by his Level 7 co-hosts Jason & Jessica to discuss the Darwin awards, the best and worst movies of 2013 and, or course, “Favorite Things” which include Jess’s horror movie festival, the documentary “Blackfish”, and the latest JJ Abrams novel “S”.

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CRH 59: Terminating Gilligan

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.35.34 AMThis week Joanna and Mike are off wedding planning so Marc brings in Podcast – The Tournament Champion and host of “The Grown Up Children” Eric Karnes, and co-host of Level 7 Liz Gmaz.  Eric shares a Christmas poem, Liz brings us a commercial featuring psycho squirrels and the trio debate reboots of Gilligan’s Island, Terminator, and more.  For a special treat stay all the way to the end for a Level 7 segment referenced during the show that never aired.

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CRH 58: Podcast – The Tournament

This we we do something a little different as we play “Podcast – The Tournament”.  Marc hosts his version of a trivia show and is joined by contestants and fellow podcast hosts Mike, Eric, Stephen, and Bryan (through Bryan falls victim to Skype quickly).  Listen in, play along, and ask yourself: Are you smarter than a podcaster?

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CRH 57: Thankful Things

It’s Thanksgiving so this week we’re doing something a little different. Get to know us a little better as we reveal to you, and each other, 5 things we’ve never shared before.  After we talk about ourselves, we get to talk about each other as we take turns telling our “Favorite Things” about each other.

CRH 56: Oscar Nominated

oscar-statue-0309-lgThis week, we look at the fall movies designated by the film industry (and Entertainment Weekly) as Oscar favorites. The only problem is we haven’t heard of most of these movies so we take turns guessing the plots based only on the titles and who’s in them.  Which feature film is NOT about 3 brothers molted by a priest? You’ll have to listen to find out.  We’ve also got a plethora of “Favorite Things” including How I Met Your Dad, Almost Human, Anchorman 2, Hollywood Babble-On and more!

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CRH 55: Oh, Canada…

canadian_riot_540This week we start by celebrating our neighbors to the north where everyone’s polite, healthcare is free, and politicians are too honest. After that we learn how not to handle your relationship if you want it to last and Marc takes on the evil empire known as Comcast. Finally, it’s “Favorite Things” featuring a bit from Conan O’Brien and a new app called QuizUp.

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CRH 54: Inhuman Resources

On this episode, Marc fantasizes about enrolling in a new superhero school, Mike rages over HR, and then the discussion turns to porn and strippers as Joanna reminds Marc about the story behind a particular magic marker.  Warning – that last part is pretty gross.

CRH 53: Who’s The Boss?

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.35.34 AMIt’s a packed show this week.  Marc brings us a story of a depressed man in China loses a piece of himself,  Joanna finds signs with stories to tell and we’re joined by Jeff Boss who gives a a fantastic interview full of insight, mystery, and intrigue.  Who is Jeff Boss? He’s run for office more times than you can imagine and he’s got one hell of a message.  After that it’s “Favorite Things” which include a new game called Pudding Monsters, crazy Flyers fans vs. Pat Sajak, and Batman: Arkham Origins.

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CRH 52: Rock the Vote

imagesAfter our conversation about “third-party” candidates in Ep 51, we’ve dedicated almost an entire episode to the issue.  First we’re joined by WeBeGeeks co-host Eric Karnes (@necrofamicim) for what we thought would be a debate but turned out to be a great discussion about the electoral system and how it could be better.  After that NJ gubernatorial candidate Steve Welzer (@WelzerForGov) joins us to talk about The Green Party, his beliefs and what he’ll do to make the great state of New Jersey even greater.  Of course, it wouldn’t be CRH without “Favorite Things”.  Eric rejoins us as we talk The Goldbergs, Pokemon, American Horror Story, ESPN, and How I Met Your Mother.  It’s a jam packed show and already one of our favorites.

CRH 51: …and an Empty Bottle of Wine

This week Mike and Joanna got for the “Green Party”, Marc has strange dream, and Glee celebrates the death of Cory Montieth.  After that it’s Favorite Things featuring Marc getting punked by Directioners, Joanna’s favorite new food spot, and Mike brings us Cards Against Humanity.  This episode is brought to you by Joanna’s bottle of wine, which she put away throughout the show — like a champ!


CRH 50: No C Bomb?

crh-logo-copy.jpgIt’s our 50th episode!! We begin with Joanna selling her house and then a SUPERSIZED portion of Favorite Things.  Mike’s reviews GTA, Marc wants a Bat-Dad, and Joanna sings along to a Breaking Bad Musical.  All that plus special guest Girls Are Geeks blogger, Rosalind joins us for her favorite things including Legos and Dr. Who.  Special apologies to Mike from We Be Geeks who joined us as well, but there was a technical malfunction and the call was lost.

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CRH 49: Advice Show 2

crh-logo-copy.jpgThis week the gang is back together and dishing out more unsolicited advice.  What do you do about your overbearing parents? How do you handle those pesky in-laws or coming clean to your significant other? We offer valuable life lessons because we are people helpers.

CRH 48: We Be Geeks

crh-logoOn this episode,  Joanna and Mike take a week off, leaving Marc to geek out with Eric and Mike from the We Be Geeks podcast for a Bat-filled hour.  Afleck is Batman, Cranston may be Luthor, Spader is Ultron,  Finkel is  Einhorn?!?!? (Note- we do not mention Ace Ventura at all, but I couldn’t help myself) We DO discuss a new “Joker” strain of marijuana and “Favorite Things” includes Booty Bin, Airplane Repo, and Amy Schumer’s new DVD.

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CRH 47: The Lobster Kettle

Take a trip back in time as we explore a list how well men had it in the 50′s, and sexual euphemisms from the 1800′s.  Also favorite things include Alton Brown’s newest show, Muppets, and real people reacting to fake Onion news.

CRH 46: The Angry Ginger


On this episode Marc is joined by fellow podcaster and geek Jason Parsons and the two talk podcasting, getting your creativity out, and of course, Batman.  Follow Jason on Twitter @s7evendaysageek.



CRH 45: Story Time




This week it’s Story Time with Mikey.  Then we get in to Orange is the New Black, Batman Beyond, and The Chase.

CRH 44: Colin Cosell

Colin_Headshot-8In one of our favorite episodes to date, we’re joined by special guests Colin Cosell and Paul Olsen of the SNM Network.  Besides making us laugh for an hour, Colin gives us an insightful and inspiring look in to chasing your dreams.


CRH 43: The Second Half

Marc accidentally deleted the first half of this show, but the second half is still jam packed with Mike vs. intersections, a whole bunch of favorite things, and the triumphant return of Jesse and the Rippers!

CRH 41: The Fixer

This week it’s real life vs. Hollywood (or Jim Carrey, actually), humans take another step closer to becoming Borg, Joanna and Mike have a new favorite show, and Microsoft sucks.

CRH 40: Sandwich, please.

On our packed 40th episode we start with a victory for “The People”.  Then we move on to Paula Deen, how NOT to pick up girls, the world’s worst daughter, and favorite things which include a spoiler free review of Man of Steel.

CRH 39: Game On

This week we dive into the addictive games that kill our phone batteries, Mike continues his quest to flip used console games and Marc wants an intern (all applicants will be considered).

CRH Advice Show #1

In this bonus episode we take take turns answering questions asked of various “Dear Abby” types.

CRH 38: Conned

This week Marc goes to comic con, Samuel L. Jackson goes Breaking Bad, and TLC continues to go off the deep end.

CRH 37: This Means War

This week, Mike fights a Craigslister, Joanna fights her neighbor, and Marc wants a motorcycle. All that plus favorite things include Brain Games!

CRH 36: McFly – The Musical

Joanna gets excited over a new movie, Marc geeks out over Iron Man 3, and Mike gets angry over movie musicals.

CRH 35: Punted

This week Marc gets sensitive, Joanna get rear ended (twice), and Mike gets angry (again). Plus Nasa’s draws Mars a dirty picture and psycho sorority girls.


CRH 34: Unchained

In this episode Django gets unchained, “Les Mis” gets miserable, The Avengers get a box set, and everyone gets popcorn.

CRH 33: Sizzlin’

This week we rejoice in finding a very special place which was thought to be lost forever.  Then it’s crazy Cookie Monster, a “Zombie” attack, and ridiculous world records.

Rudy Pissed Off

CRH 32: Candy Crushin’

On this episode, Marc and Joanna get obsessed with Candy Crush, we solve the crisis with North Korea, argue about the Rutgers coaching “scandal”, and of course — favorite things.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 12.24.08 PM

CRH 31: Touched By An Angel

Happy Easter!  This week Marc gets the shaft from his town, we go loco for the new Dorito’s taco, play urinal games, ask who stole our cheese, and review the stories of The Bible, much to Joanna’s dismay.

.Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.40.20 PM

CRH 30: Dirty Thirty pt. 2

Part 2 to this super-sized CRH recaps Marc’s month of insanity, and explores tipping etiquette. Then we geek out over “The Epic History of Every Day Things” and a whole lot more.  We’ve got a month to make up for, so enjoy.Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 11.48.25 PM

CRH 30: Dirty Thirty pt. 1

It’s been a while, but we’re back with double album of goodness.  We hit the ground running with potty talk, our group vacation, and dolphin rape.  Hilarity guaranteed.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 9.15.27 AM

CRH 29: For Mom

This week begins with begins with a salute to Marc’s mom, who we recently lost.  We then jump in to Joanna’s loneliness, the “talented” Keanu Reeves, and Kai: The Homeless Superhero.


CRH 28: I Go Blind

This week two criminals hit the Trifecta and Superfecta respectively, then it’s favorite things and the “worst” songs of the 90′s (hint — one of us likes a lot of them).

the superfecta

CRH 27: The Pickled Sausage

This week we rejoice in the return of hockey, lament over some of history’s oddest deaths, Joanna shares the story of how she met Mike, and Marc finds a poll where people choose the lesser of two evils.  You’ll be shocked at what America prefers to Congress.

CRH 26: Baby New Year

It’s the first show of 2013 and we start the year with Joanna’s tales of drinking alone and Mike accidentally killing his car.  Then it’s favorite things and the return of Bane who, apparently, has a potty mouth.

CRH Extra – The Best of 2012

It’s the CRH year end extravaganza! This week, we take a look back at our most favorite, favorite things of 2012. And since we are on vacation, we’ve even got a special guest host, who we now realize, may not like us all that much. Next time we’ll do a much better job at vetting our substitutes.

CRH 25: Character Development

This week Marc and Mike start by arguing over baseball, much to Joanna’s chagrin.  We then get geeky over our favorite TV shows both past and present; hit up our favorite things which include a 12 year old “enforcer” and a certain Twitter takeover. Finally, we close the show with Mike’s least favorite thing which gets all of us fired up!

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 24: Dial M for McAfee

This week we discuss why it’s best not to be anyone’s neigbor in Belize and a debate about our least favorite holiday songs leads me to a million dollar idea. I attempt to redeem the holiday spirit with my favorite thing and then Marc’s favorite thing features all that is wrong with humanity today. Thanks, Howie Mandel.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 23: Dueling Rainbows

In this week’s episode Marc and I have to agree to disagree a lot. We start off with a discussion of a promising new job prospect for Mike and then discuss Hollywood’s most overpaid actors/actresses which gives us a chance to debate the enigma that is Nicholas Cage. Finally, a double dose of Marc’s favorite things allows us to revisit a beloved sitcom of our childhood and challenge each other to a duel. In the end it’s all a matter of taste in that some of us (me) have it and some of us (people other than me) do not.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 22: Power Balled

In a truly random episode, Marc and I discuss the death of innocence thanks to Elmo-gate, luckily my favorite thing this week provides a glimmer of hope for The Muppets thanks to Cee-Lo, one of the Muppetiest men in showbiz. We end the show fantasizing about a big lottery win and what that would mean for both ourselves and the podcast. Spoiler alert: It involves monkeys.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 21: The Liar, the Cheat and the Moron

This week we learn that when it comes to scoring with the ladies it’s good to be the general, as long as you don’t use e-mail. Marc geeks out about Survivor and I talk about the new MTV show Catfish which has captured my heart. Internet dating only works if you actually start physically dating at some point people! This episode is so good it should last you for a couple of weeks while we’re off for Thanksgiving. Sorry, folks, I have a turkey to brine and Marc works in retail, ’nuff said.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 20: Sandy Blows

Talk about your crazy random happenstances how about a hurricane/nor-easter hybrid followed by a freak snow storm? Our hearts go out to all those so royally screwed by mother nature these past few weeks and Marc and I are here for you with the funny…if you have power and a working Internet connection. There was also this national election thingy that happened apparently and Marc and I had some less than orthodox ways of deciding who got our vote for the local school boards. So before you have a meltdown as epic as Karl Rove, download, listen and laugh your cares away.


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 19: The Conspiracy

In this week’s episode, we discuss the ups and downs of living on your own and we play a round of what did Joanna hurt herself on this week. Later a discussion of our favorite things winds up with us getting political. Well, about as seriously political as anything involving Donald Trump can get. Posting from the edge of Hurricane Sandy, note the dedication!


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 18: Customer Disservice

In this week’s episode, we vent, a lot. Sorry for the hiatus but after the trials and tribulations of moving into my first apartment I’ve learned two things 1. Nothing ever goes the way you plan and 2. CABLEVISION’s OPTIMUM SUCKS! So listen in as we discuss the art of seduction as demonstrated by cable companies to get you to assume the position and just what happens once you do. We then wonder why it seems that more and more people lacking in basic interpersonal skills are taking jobs in customer service. This episode will make you face palm so hard you’ll leave a mark.


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 17: Schticky Situation

This week we get personal with some revelations regarding some of our more awkward behavior during bouts of boredom. A discussion of our favorite things for the week includes topics such as How I Met Your Mother, why some things are funnier in a tv show than real life, and the infomercial product with which I’m currently obsessed. We end with a look at the gift that keeps on giving: celebrity meltdowns.


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 16: Reboots, Remakes & Rehab

In this week’s episode Marc and I chime in on the rash of celebrity DUIs as well as the continuing Lohan family saga. We later discuss the legitimacy of reboots vs. remakes and attempt to set some ground rules. We also agree that some movies are just sacred and should not be touched, though we may not necessarily agree which ones those are (i.e. me=Willy Wonka, Marc=Robocop).


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 15: Sausage King of Chicago

This week we start off with a talk about the fabulous people watching at Pepboys and my discovery of a frightening new hairstyle I can only hope spreads like wildfire. We move on to our favorite things for the week which include a sign that the future is now and Marc trying to sell me on watching The X Factor. Finally, we debate the greatest high school movies of all time and why most of mine include Christian Slater and most of Marc’s include a cast member of Dawson’s Creek.


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 14: Things Happen?

In this week’s podcast, we discuss all the joys that September brings: school, football, and new TV! A journey into the mindset of the class of 2016 (according to Beloit at least) ultimately leaves us feeling old. Later, Marc and I take a look at the new fall tv lineup, which shows we can’t wait to see and which shows we wish we could have heard pitched to television executives. Plus, our favorite things of the week!


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 13: Cocked and Loaded

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT! This week’s podcast is not your granny’s podcast. Please do not gather the children round the old iPod for this one. We start off with Marc getting punked at work and move into our favorite things from the week. This leads to a discussion of cockfighting and strippers. Yes, that’s right, cockfighting and strippers. We then end with a real life fairy tale, to cleanse the palate. This episode just has to be heard to be believed.


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 11: Mischief Night

In this week’s episode, we discover how none of us ever really leave high school while discussing the navigating the cultural wilderness at a new job. Later, we continue with a discussion of some less than scrupulous actions taken while in our youth. Hopefully, the statutes of limitation hold up, if not this podcast was for entertainment purposes only. Any and all stories are fictitious and anything resembling actual persons or events is entirely coincidental.


Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 9: Cheese Metropolis

In this week’s episode, I finally get to geek out about one of my favorite subjects, cheese. We learn just how deep my love for the dairy runs. Other topics include road trips, making friends through somewhat questionable means, and which of the 7 engineering wonders of the modern world Marc despises.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 8: Pageant to Pole

In this episode Marc and I question the educational value of programs on The Learning Channel (TLC) as we explore the phenomenon that is Honey Boo Boo. We predict the next celebrity sex tape scandal and learn of my strange attraction to a certain advertising mascot.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 7: Holy Dickens, Batman!

On a very special episode of Crazy Random Happenstance Marc and I welcome a friend of ours, Rob Poole, to debate the finer points of the long awaited The Dark Knight Rises. We touch on themes such as populism, class warfare, and Anne Hathaway in leather. Plus, we all take a turn imitating Christian Bale. Thanks to Rob for taking the time to attempt to bring a touch of culture to the CRH world, hope to have you back again soon.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 6: Church of the Jedi

This week Marc geeks out over the new Spiderman and defends his love of Dawson Creek. We also discuss rebooting The Breakfast Club and I try to save Marc from the dark side that is the church of scientology. This episode is dedicated to my father, Louis Barbuscio, who passed this week. His laughter was as infectious as it was constant and he made me the lover of the funny that I am today.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 5: Daycare for Dummies

In this week’s episode the crazy randomness continues as we start off with a story from our high school days,  then proudly take up the sword in defense of Aaron Sorkin (Marc’s ultimate man-crush), and end up performing Mad Men-esque pitches for some of Time Magazine’s Worst Inventions. So light yourself a Lucky throw the baby in a cage and enjoy!

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 4: Law & Order:CRH

In this week’s episode Marc and I discuss a wide variety of disorderly conduct. We learn that Marc is the last person who should judge anyone else’s driving habits, the Jersey Shore kids influence on our local legal system, and why on any given Sunday you could arrest the entire female population of Elizabeth, NJ. There are some stupid laws on the books in NJ, and we’re not just talking about being forbidden to pump your own gas.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 3: Funnier than Carolla

In our third episode, Marc and I discuss a variety of celebrity related nonsense. We take sides in this decade’s ultimate Cold War: Christian Bale vs. Leonardo DiCaprio, marvel at the wonder that is Mike Tyson, and debate whether females are funny or Adam Carolla is just still not over high school. We start off, however, with me defending my right to multitask even when driving. Silly, cell phone law.

Crazy Random Happenstance Episode 2: Podcasters of Fortune

In our second episode, Marc and I discuss the finer points of the beloved 80s T.V. series the A-Team, as we try to determine if it stands the test of time. Other highlights include bionic abilities and something that was never covered in the classic novel 101 things to do with a Dead Cat.

Geeks unite!

We’ve bGeeky topics from the elusive female perspectiveeen featured at! Be nice to people in high school, kids, you just never know when that’s going to come back to you. Subscribe to it while you’re there as I will be letting my geek flag unfurl there in the future!

Episode 1 Crazy Random Happenstance

Here is our first ever episode! Discussion highlights include why marshmallows are best roasted on wooden utensils, just how truly mighty a sword a pen can be, and why the Red Roof Inn will never sponsor this podcast not to mention superhero lifestyle choices and Marc’s suggestion for the greatest sports movie of all time which appears no where in ESPN’s list. Hope you all have as much fun listening as we did making it and stay tuned for more!